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Chlorinated Benzenes Test Results

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CAS Nos. Appendix A

ITC Recommendation/Designation - First and Third Reports
42 FR 55026; October 12, 1977
43 FR 50630; October 30, 1978

Proposed Test Rule/Health Effects (PRM)
45 FR 48524; July 18, 1980

Proposed Negotiated Testing Agreement/Health Effects (NTA)
48 FR 54836; December 7, 1983
Chlorobenzene Producers Association (CPA)

Proposed Test Rule/Environmental Effects and Fate - MCB, DCB, and TriCB (PRM)

Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking/TetraCB (ANPR)
49 FR 1760; January 13, 1984

Withdrawal of Proposed Test Rule/Health Effects - PentaCB (DNT)
49 FR 50408; December 28, 1984

Proposed Test Rule/Test Standards (Health Effects) (PRM)
50 FR 48805; November 27, 1985

Final Test Rule/Environmental Effects and Fate - 1,2- and 1,4-DCB, 1,2,3- and 1,2,4- TriCB (FRM)
51 FR 11728; April 7, 1986

Proposed Test Rule/Test Standards (Environmental Effects and Fate) (PRM)
51 FR 11756; April 7, 1986

Final Test Rule/Health Effects - MCB, 1,2- and 1,4-DCB, 1,2,4-TriCB, 1,2,4,5-TetraCB (FRM)
51 FR 24657; July 8, 1986

Decision Not to Test/Environmental Effects - TetraCBs (DNT)
51 FR 26595; July 24, 1986

Final Test Rule/Test Standards (Environmental Effects - Trichlorobenzene) (FRM)
52 FR 24460; July 1, 1987

48 FR 54836; December 7, 1983/Preliminary Modification of Required Testing
49 FR 50408; December 28, 1984/Modification of Health Effects Testing Requirement (PRM)/Withdrawal of NTA
51 FR 18443; May 20, 1986/Correction
52 FR 4622; February 13, 1987/Denial of Petition - DCB
52 FR 10377; April 1, 1987/Health Effects Reporting Requirements
52 FR 26477; July 15, 1987/Purity of 1,2,4,5-TCB
54 FR 27352; June 29, 1989/Technical Amendment
55 FR 7322; March 1, 1990/Technical Amendment
57 FR 24958; June 12, 1992/Time Extension for Testing

Project Manager: P. Wirdzek (health), D. Price (environment); R. Nelson (health), J. Helm, R. Locke (environment)

Section Chief: N. Merrifield, R. Troast

Status: Closed except for 1,2,4,5-TetraCB. Proposed health effects testing for PentaCB was withdrawn because of insufficient exposure and health effects testing for MCB, 1,2-DCB, 1,4-DCB, and 1,2,4-TriCB were withdrawn because of ongoing testing and sufficient data to reasonably determine or predict teratology and subchronic effects for which testing was proposed. DNT for 1,2,3,4- and 1,2,3,5-TetraCB (Environmental Effects) was issued because of insufficient exposure. All required tests have been completed for MCB, 1,2- and 1,4-DCB, 1,2,3- and 1,2,4-TCB. Test results have been forwarded to the Risk Assessment Division for review and disposition. Oncogenicity testing for 1,2,4,5-TetraCB remains an issue.

Identification of Chemicals

By "chlorinated benzenes," these decisions refer to a group of benzene compounds in which up to 5 hydrogen atoms are substituted by chlorine atoms and no substituents other than H and Cl are present on the benzene ring. These decisions and rulemakings apply to the following representative group of chlorinated benzenes: chlorobenzene (monochlorobenzene or MCB), 1,2- and 1,4-dichlorobenzene (1,2-DCB, ortho-DCB, or o-DCB and 1,4-DCB, para-DCB, or p-DCB), 1,2,4-trichlorobenzene (1,2,4-TCB), 1,2,3,4,- 1,2,3,5,- and 1,2,4,5-tetrachlorobenzene (1,2,3,4-TeCB, 1,2,3,5-TeCB, and 1,2,4,5-TeCB), and pentachlorobenzene (PeCB). These chemicals and their CAS numbers are listed in Appendix A. This group does not include hexachlorobenzene (HCB).

Announced Receipt of Test Data

Chlorinated benzenes Producers Association submitted the hepatocyte primary culture/DNA repair assay on MCB, 1,2-DCB, and 1,2,4-TCB ( 49 FR 18779; May 2, 1984).

CMA submitted a 2-generation reproductive study of MCB in rats (inhalation) (52 FR 2152; Jan 20, 1987).

CMA submitted results of a developmental toxicity studies (rats, rabbits) for 1,2,4,5-TetCB (53 FR 951; January 14, 1988).

Standard Chlorine Chemical Co. submitted the following tests for 1,2,3-TCB: Acute toxicity to fathead minnow (Pimephales promelas), Atlantic silverside (Menidia menidia), mysid shrimp (Mysidopsis bahia) and for 1,2,4-TCB: acute and chronic toxicity to mysid shrimp (Mysidopsis bahia) (53 FR 33537; August 31, 1988).

Standard Chlorine Chemical Co. submitted acute toxicity of 1,2,3-TCB to gammarids (Gammarus fasciatus) 53 FR 43267; October 26, 1988) and chronic toxicity of 1,2,3-TCB to mysid shrimp (Mysidopsis bahia) (53 FR 49227; December 6, 1988).

CMA submitted a determination of the hydrolysis as a function of pH for 1,2-DCB and 1,2,4,5-TetCB and a 2-generation reproduction study of 1,2,4,5 TetCB (rats) (54 FR 21282; May 17, 1989).

The CMA submitted a 104-week dietary carcinogenicity study for 1,2,4-trichloro benzene using rats and mice that was received by EPA on June 23, 1994 (59 FR 38472; July 28, 1994).

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