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Cumene Test Results

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CAS No. 98-82-8

ITC Designation - Fifteenth Report
49 FR 46931; November 29, 1984

Proposed Test Rule (PRM)
50 FR 46104; November 6, 1985

Final Test Rule (FRM)
53 FR 28195; July 27, 1988
Chemical Manufacturers Association (CMA), Cumene Program Panel

Modifications/ Notices
55 FR 7322; March 1, 1990/Test guidelines
55 FR 22359; June 1, 1990/Notice of Public Meeting
56 FR 23228; May 21, 1991/Technical Amendment
60 FR 16648; March 31, 1995/Conditional Exemption from Testing

Project Manager: N. Chaudhari

Section Chief: N. Merrifield

Status: Closed. All required tests have been completed. Testing results have been forwarded to the Risk Analysis Division for review and disposition. Industry voluntarily conducted a follow-up study regarding potential cataract formation.

Announced Receipt of Test Data

The CMA submitted: Salmonella/mammalian microsome mutagenicity assay (Ames test), chromosomal aberration in CHO cells, unscheduled DNA synthesis in rat primary hepatocytes, CHO/HGPRT mutagen assay, transformation of BALB/3T3 mouse embryo cells (52 FR 27452; July 21, 1987). This testing was part of a voluntary test program.

The CMA submitted the volatilization rate of cumene compared with the oxygen reaeration rate (54 FR 39806; September 28, 1989).

The CMA submitted: vapor inhalation study with neurotoxicity evaluation (rats); inhalation developmental toxicity study (rat, rabbit); disposition and pharmacokinetics following oral, intravenous, and inhalation exposure (rats);biodegradation in an aquatic ecosystem (mass balance, disappearance, and mineralization) (55 FR 357; January 4, 1990).

The CMA submitted acute toxicity to rainbow trout, sheepshead minnow, mysid shrimp, and daphnids (55 FR 11253; March 27, 1990).

Results of Testing Table

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