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Hydroquinone Test Results

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CAS No. 123-31-9

ITC Designation - Fifth Report
44 FR 70664; December 7, 1979

Proposed Test Rule (PRM)
49 FR 438; January 4, 1984

Final Test Rule (FRM)
50 FR 53145; December 30, 1985

Proposed Test Rule/Test Standards (PRM)
50 FR 53160; December 30, 1985

Final Test Rule/Test Standards (FRM)
52 FR 19865; May 28, 1987
Chemical Manufacturer's Association (CMA) Hydroquinone Program Panel (HPP)

54 FR 27353; June 29, 1989/Test standards

Project Manager: D. Price, R. Locke

Section Chief: R. Troast

Status: Closed. All required tests have been completed. Test results have been forwarded to the Risk Assessment Division for review and disposition.

Announced Receipt of Test Data

Eastman Kodak submitted: developmental toxicity study (rats); metabolic fate study in male and female rats and percutaneous absorption study (beagle dogs) (51 FR 6468; February 24, 1986). The last two studies were part of a voluntary testing program.

Eastman Kodak submitted a blood elimination kinetic study with hydroquinone being administered by intragastric intubation, intratracheal instillation, or intravenous injection to male rats (51 FR 16203; May 1, 1986). This submission was part of a voluntary testing program.

The CMA's HPP submitted a toxicokinetic study in male and female rats (53 FR 28909; August 1, 1988) and a subchronic oral toxicity study (rats) using a functional observational battery and neuropathology to detect neurotoxicity (53 FR 47867; November 28, 1988).

CMA's HPP submitted a 2-generation reproduction study (rats) (55 FR 357; January 4, 1990).

Results of Testing Table

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