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Information Collection

EPA Agreement Requires Siloxane Environmental Testing Data from Chemical Manufacturers

April 3, 2014 - EPA has entered into an Enforceable Consent Agreement with five manufacturers of octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane (also called D4), which is widely used as a chemical intermediate and component of personal care products. Learn more. Read the Federal Register notice.

OPPT's TSCA Sections 8, 12(b), and 13 data gathering activities provide data that EPA and others utilize to identify, assess, manage, and reduce actual or potential risks posed by exposure to existing chemical substances. The information obtained via Section 8 reporting is also valuable in helping EPA carry out its chemical testing mandate under Section 4 of TSCA. Sections 8, 12(b), and 13 information gathering activities fall into the following general categories:

Download the PAIR Form Filing Package (PDF, 12pp, 282 kb, About PDF)

General Information Gathering Authority (Section 8(a))

Allegations of Significant Adverse Reactions (Section 8(c))

Unpublished Health and Safety Studies (Section 8(d))

Substantial Risk Information (Section 8(e))

Export Notification (Section 12(b))

Import Certification (Section 13)

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