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Isopropanol Test Results

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CAS No. 67-63-0

ITC Recommendation/Designation - 19th and 20th Reports
51 FR 41417; November 14, 1986/Recommended with intent to Designate
52 FR 19020; May 20, 1987/Designated

Proposed Test Rule (PRM)
53 FR 8638; March 16, 1988

Final Test Rule (FRM)
54 FR 43258; October 23, 1989

55 FR 12639; April 5, 1990/Test Standards
55 FR 22359; June 1, 1990/Notice of Public Meeting
60 FR 16648; March 31, 1995/Conditional Exemption from Testing

Project Manager: K. Cronin

Section Chief: S. Roan

Status: Closed. All required tests have been completed. Test results have been forwarded to the Risk Assessment Division for review and disposition.

Announced Receipt of Test Data

CMA Isopropanol Panel submitted a forward mutation assay with CHO cells (55 FR 25366; June 21, 1990).

CMA submitted developmental toxicity evaluations on white rabbits and Sprague-Dawley rats ( 55 FR 53346; December 29, 1990).

CMA submitted the following test data: subchronic inhalation study, mutagenicity in-vivo cytogenetics study, in-vivo micronucleus assay, and oral and inhalation pharmacokinetics studies (56 FR 23392; March 22, 1991).

CMA submissions described a 2-week repeated dose limb grip study with acrylamide in rats and a 2-week repeated dose functional observational battery validation with acrylamide and iminodipropionitrile in rats (56 FR 20224; May 2, 1991).

CMA submitted a multi-generation reproductive study (57FR 23227; June 2, 1992).

CMA submitted a vapor inhalation oncogenicity study in Fisher 344 rats that was received by EPA on June 17, 1994 (59 FR 38472; July 28, 1994).

Results of Testing Table

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