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Mesityl Oxide (MO) Test Results

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CAS No. 141-79-7

ITC Designation - Fourth Report
44 FR 31866; June 1, 1979

Proposed Test Rule (PRM)
48 FR 30699; July 5, 1983

Final Test Rule (FRM)
50 FR 51857; December 20, 1985

Proposed Test Rule/Test Standards (PRMT)
50 FR 51888; December 20, 1985

Final Test Rule/Test Standards (FRMT)
52 FR 19088; May 20, 1987
CMA Ketones Program Panel

Final Test Rule/Proposed Revocation
56 FR 43897; September 5, 1991

Consent Order (CO)
56 FR 43878; September 5, 1991

Final Test Rule/Withdrawal
61 FR 33375; June 27, 1996

Clarifications, Modifications, and Notices
51 FR 5376; February 13, 1986
52 FR 10752; April 3, 1987/Clarification of Final Test Rule
55 FR 40234; October 2, 1990/Solicitation of Interested Parties for CO

Project Manager: L. Tahan, R. Jones

Section Chief: F. Benenati

Status: Closed. All required tests have been completed. Test results have been forwarded to the Risk Assessment Division for review and disposition. The Final Test Rule was subsequently withdrawn because required testing had been performed under an enforceable Consent Order.

Announced Receipt of Test Data

CMA submitted a microbial mutagenesis in salmonella mammalian microsome plate incorporation assay with dosing analysis and an in-vivo mammalian bone marrow micronucleus assay (57 FR 29319; July 1, 1992).

CMA submissions included a combined repeated dose reproductive/developmental screening test on rats (57 FR 53898; November 13, 1992).

Results of Testing Table

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