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4-Nonylphenol, Branched (4-NP) Test Results

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CAS No. 84852-15-3

Consent Agreement (CO)
55 FR 5991; February 21, 1990
CMA's Alkyl Phenols and Ethoxylate (APE) Program Panel

52 FR 39273; October 21, 1987/Solicitation for Public Participation
54 FR 6170; February 8, 1989/Development of CO and Solicitation of Interested Parties
56 FR 23228; May 21, 1991/Technical Amendment
57 FR 24958; June 12, 1992/Technical Amendment
58 FR 30989; May 28, 1993/Testing Extension

Project Manager: Yvette Hellyer

Section Chief: Stephanie Roan

Status: Closed. All required tests have been completed. Test results have been forwarded to the Risk Assessment Division for review and disposition.

Identification of Chemicals

4-Nonyphenol is not a unique chemical substance. For the purpose of the rule in accordance with Section 3 of TSCA, it is referred to as a chemical substance of mostly para-branched C9-alkylphenols.

Announced Receipt of Test Data

CMA submitted physical/chemical properties for 4-nonylphenol, namely boiling point, crystallization point (instead of melting point), dissociation constant, water solubility, and vapor pressure (55 FR 375356; September 11, 1990, Correction: 55 FR 40041; October 1, 1990).

CMA submitted results for acute flow-through toxicity studies in sheepshead minnow and mysid shrimp and acute static toxicity studies for freshwater and marine algae (55 FR 53348; December 28, 1990).

CMA submitted data for octanol/water partition coefficient, soil/sediment adsorption isotherms, solubility in seawater, aerobic and anaerobic biodegradation, andamendments to the boiling point and dissociation constant reports (56 FR 12202; March 22, 1991).

CMA submitted results of a chronic toxicity test on mysid shrimp and an early life stage toxicity test on fathead minnow (56 FR 27961; June 18, 1991).

CMA’s Alkylphenol and Ethoxylates Panel submitted test data pursuant to a consent order that was received on December 19, 1991 (57 FR 3203; January 28, 1992). The submission describes a bioconcentration test with fathead minnows, Pimephales promelas.

CMA’s Alkylphenol and Ethoxylates Panel submitted test data pursuant to a consent order that was received on April 21, 1992 (57 FR 21657; May 21, 1992 and 57 FR 23227; June 2, 1992). The submission describes a toxicity test with tadpoles, Rana catesbiana.

Results of Testing Table

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