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Office of Solid Waste (OSW) Chemicals Test Results

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CAS Nos.  Appendix A and Appendix C

Proposed Test Rule (PRM)
52 FR 20336; May 29, 1987

Final Test Rule (FRM)
53 FR 22300; June 15, 1988

53 FR 911; January 14, 1988/Reopening of Comment Period
54 FR 49760; December 1, 1989/Correction
55 FR 7322; March 1, 1990/Technical Amendment
56 FR 23228; May 21, 1991/Technical Amendment
60 FR 16648; March 31, 1995/Conditional Exemption from Testing

Project Manager: Kathy Hart, Roger Nelson

Branch Chief: Frank Kover

Status: Testing on 15 of the 23 chemicals subject to required testing has been completed and forwarded to the Office of Solid Waste for review and disposition. Testing on the remaining 8 chemicals has not been conducted due to uncertainty over current manufacture. The testing status of these 8 chemicals is under current review.

Identification of Chemicals

In the PRM, 73 chemicals were proposed for health effects and/or chemical fate testing. Testing of 40 of these chemicals were withdrawn in the FRM (the list of chemicals in Appendix A). Of the 33 chemicals remaining in the FRM, 24 were identified for required health effects and/or chemical fate testing. One of the 24 chemicals (phthalic anhydride) was deleted from the required testing requirements (Dec. 2, 1988/Final rule; correction), leaving 23 chemicals for required testing (the list of chemicals in Appendix B).

The FRM also listed 32 chemicals which were recommended for “optional” biodegradation testing. Twenty-one (21) of the 24 chemicals originally listed for required testing for health effects and/or chemical fate testing were recommended for the “optional” biodegradation testing also (phthalic anhydride, while dropped from the required testing list, remains on the “optional” testing list). Eleven chemicals were listed only for the “optional” biodegradation testing. The 32 chemicals recommended for the “optional” biodegradation testing are listed in Appendix C.

Announced Receipt of Test Data

Hydrolysis data for 2,4-D, dibromomethane, and bis(2-chloroethoxy)methane was received from the Industry Task Force on 2,4-D, Ameribrom, Inc., and Morton Thiokol, Inc., respectively (54 FR 7093; February 16, 1989).

The Methacrylate Producers Association submitted hydrolysis data on ethyl methylacrylate (54 FR 11273; March 17, 1989).

Soil adsorption isotherms for 1,3-dichloropropanol was submitted by Dow Chemical Corporation and hydrolysis data was submitted for dihydrosafrole and dibromo methane by Ethyl Corporation (54 FR 30460; July 20, 1989).

Hydrolysis test data for methyl chloride from the Methyl Chloride Industry Association, Oral toxicity study of parachlorobenzotrichloride (rats) from Occidental Chemical Corporation, and subchronic toxicity study (rats) from Monsanto (54 FR 33772; August 16, 1989).

A toxicity study of 1,3-dichloro-2-propanol (rats) was received from Dow Chemical (54 FR 48153; November 21, 1989).

A subchronic oral toxicity study (rat) on malononitrile was submitted by Lonza, Inc. (55 FR 357; January 4, 1990).

Morton International submitted results or a subchronic toxicity study by oral gavage for bis(2-chloroethoxy)methane (55 FR 13956; April 13, 1990).

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