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TSCA Chemical Testing Policy

Section 2(b) of TSCA provides the following governing policy with regard to the testing of existing chemical substances:

"It is the policy of the United States that adequate data should be developed with respect to the effect of chemical substances and mixtures on health and the environment and that the development of such data be the responsibility of those who manufacture [and import] and those who process such chemicals and mixtures.

"In accordance with TSCA Section 4, EPA must make the following statutory "findings" in order to require the chemical industry to test chemicals they manufacture, import and/or process:

* Hazard or "A" Finding - EPA must determine that existing data show that the subject chemical "may present an unreasonable risk of injury to health or the environment" and that the probability of exposure to the subject chemical substance is more than just theoretical; and/or

* Exposure or "B" Finding - EPA must show that the chemical is produced or imported in substantial quantities, and either enters the environment in substantial quantities or there is substantial or significant human exposure; and

* "Data Adequacy" Finding - EPA must show that existing data are inadequate for risk assessment; and

* "Testing is Necessary" Finding - EPA must show that testing is needed to develop the data necessary to conduct the needed risk assessment.

In order to obtain the information EPA needs for making the required "findings" for promulgating a TSCA Section 4 test rule, numerous publicly available data sources are searched and supplemented with data that are obtained from industry under Section 8 of TSCA.

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