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TSCA Section 21

Hydraulic Fracturing Chemicals and Mixtures ANPR Comment Period Extended

June 12, 2014 - The comment period has been extended and now closes September 18, 2014. Read the Federal Register notice.

Under TSCA section 21, any person may petition EPA to initiate a proceeding for the issuance, amendment, or repeal of a rule under:

The petition must be filed in EPA's Office of the Administrator, and set forth the facts that are claimed to establish the necessity for the action requested. EPA is required to grant or deny the petition within 90 days from the day the petition is filed with EPA. If EPA grants the petition, EPA must promptly commence an appropriate proceeding. If EPA denies the petition, the reasons for denial must be published in the Federal Register.

Section 21 petitions filed with EPA since September 2007

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