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Results of Section 4 Chemical Testing

Section 2(b) of TSCA provides the following governing policy with regard to the testing of existing chemical substances:

"It is the policy of the United States that adequate data should be developed with respect to the effect of chemical substances and mixtures on health and the environment and that the development of such data be the responsibility of those who manufacture [and import] and those who process such chemicals and mixtures.

Test Summary Alphabetical Listing
This listing displays a list of Section 4 chemical classes (e.g., alkyl phthalates) addressed by distinct Section 4 testing actions. By selecting a letter on the keypad, a list of Section 4 chemical classes begining with that letter will be displayed. You then may select a specific chemical under that class to display background information (e.g., relevant Federal Register notices) and summary results.
Test Summary Results sorted by CAS Number Test Summary Results sorted by Chemical Name

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