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Sunset Dates of Chemicals Subject to Final TSCA Section 4 and Related 12(b) Actions, Modified on April 8, 2014

This Table lists, in ascending chemical Abstract Service (CAS) Registry number order, all chemical substances and mixtures that are and/or have been the subject of final TSCA Section 4 test rules and/or TSCA Section 4 enforceable consent agreements/orders (ECAs) issued by EPA under the TSCA Existing Chemicals Testing Program. The table includes the sunset (termination) date or other status information for each chemical substance or mixture. When a sunset date is indicated on the table, the TSCA Section 4 testing, reimbursement, reporting, and Section 4 related Section 12(b) export notification requirements terminate on that date.

The Federal Register (FR) and Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) citations in the table refer to the specific TSCA Section 4 final test rule or announcement of an enforceable consent agreements/orders which addresses the particular chemical substance or mixture for which the sunset date/status column in the table applies. Those chemical substances or mixtures that are the subject of two or more TSCA Section 4 final testing actions may have Section 4 requirements and Section 4-triggered TSCA Section 12(b) export notification requirements that have sunset, as well as TSCA Sections 4 and 12(b) requirements that have not sunset.

It should be noted that the sunset date for TSCA section 12(b) requirements that are associated with a particular TSCA Section 4 action is the same as the sunset date for that TSCA Section 4 action. TSCA Section 4 final test rules and enforceable consent agreements/orders that have sunset will be removed periodically from the CFR; however, the subject chemical substance or mixture will remain in this table for historical as well as informational purposes.

The Agency plans to use the expanded information contained in this table to revise and update the table that is currently found at 40 CFR 799.18 ("Chemicals subject to test rules or consent orders for which the testing reimbursement period has passed").

It is important to note that TSCA Section 12(b) export notification requirements are also triggered by proposed or final actions issued under TSCA Sections 5, 6 or 7 (see 40 CFR 707 Subpart D for further information regarding the specific TSCA Section 12(b) export notification requirements). This table does not reflect the status of Section 12(b) export notification requirements that are triggered by such actions.

The Agency is making this table publicly available on the Internet and via the TSCA Hotline (telephone: 202-554-1404; fax: 202-554-5603; email: TSCA-Hotline@epa.gov) so that the information in the table will be available soon after updating.

For further information about this table, please contact Ms. Kathy Calvo, 202-554-1404, Calvo.Kathy@epa.gov

Chemical Information and Testing Branch
Chemical Control Division (7405M)
Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20460.


The information contained in this table is intended to provide guidance for those persons potentially affected by TSCA Section 4 testing and/or reimbursement requirements and TSCA Section 4-triggered TSCA Section 12(b) reporting requirements. However, the information contained in this table does not replace or supercede the requirements found in the implementing regulations. The applicability of a particular TSCA Section 4 action to a given person for the purposes of complying with TSCA Section 4 and TSCA Section 12(b) requirements is dependent solely on the final requirements specified for the chemical substances and mixtures that are identified in final TSCA Section 4 and/or Section 12(b) actions published in the FR. This table is current as of the date specified at the top of the table - for the status of TSCA Section 4 actions taken after this date, consult the FR.


      1 The sunset date is the end of the TSCA Section 4 reimbursement period that begins when the data from the last test required under a TSCA Section 4 test rule or enforceable consent agreements/orders are submitted to EPA and terminates after an amount of time equal to that required to develop those data or after 5 years, whichever is later.

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