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Cleaner Technologies Substitutes Assessment:
Professional Fabricare Processes

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[PDF] PLEASE NOTE: Some of the documents mentioned in this Section are in Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF). To view or print them you will need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader program installed on your computer. The Reader can be downloaded and used with no charge; check here for more information on the Adobe Acrobat Reader.


This document has been subject to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) internal review and external technical peer review and has been approved for publication. Mention of trade names, products, or services does not convey, and should not be interpreted as conveying, official USEPA approval, endorsement, or recommendation.

Information on sales, cost, performance, and product usage was provided by individual product vendors, or by USEPA Garment and Textile Care Partnership stakeholders, and was not independently corroborated by USEPA.

Discussion of federal environmental statutes is intended for information purposes only; this is not an official regulatory guidance document and should not be relied upon by companies to determine applicable regulations.


The overall Project Manager is Lynne Blake-Hedges. In addition to being responsible for the production of this document, Ms. Blake-Hedges functions as the technical lead for the economic analyses contained in the document.

Lynne received excellent support from the EPA/OPPT Technical Workgroup:

Lynne Blake-Hedges, Workgroup Chair
Andrea Blaschka
Lois Dicker, Ph.D.
Elizabeth Margosches, Ph.D.
Fred Metz, Ph.D.
Ossi Meyn, Ph.D.
Mary Katherine Powers
Scott Prothero

Management support and other general assistance was provided by:

David Lai, Ph.D.
Robert E. Lee, Ph.D.
Cindy Stroup
Mary Ellen Weber, Ph.D.
Vanessa Vu, Ph.D.

This document was prepared under EPA Contract numbers 68-W-9805 and 68-W6-0021, by Abt Associates Incorporated of Cambridge, MA, under the direction of Alice Tome. The EPA Work Assignment Manager is Lynne Blake-Hedges.

The independent technical peer review was conducted by Battelle Columbus Laboratories of Columbus, OH, under the direction of Bruce Buxton (EPA Contract number 68-D5-0008). Technical editing and general support to final document preparation was provided by Westat, Incorporated, of Rockville, MD, under the direction of Karen Della Torre (EPA Contract number 68-D7-0025). The EPA Work Assignment Manager for both Battelle and Westat is Cindy Stroup.

To obtain a copy of this or other EPA/Design for the Environment Program publications, contact:

EPA’s Pollution Prevention Information Clearinghouse (PPIC)
1200 Pennsylvania Ave. NW (7407-T)
Washington, DC 20460-0001
202-566-0799 (phone)
202-566-0794 (fax)

Any questions or comments regarding this document should be addressed to:
Lynne Blake-Hedges
Economics, Exposure and Technology Division (7406)
401 M Street SW
Washington, DC 20460

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