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Here's Your Checklist for Pollution Prevention in 	Your 	Workplace
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Materials Management and Inventory

  • Manage inventory on a "first-in first-out" basis
  • Minimize the amount of chemicals on the press floor at any time
  • Centralize responsibility for storing and distributing chemicals
  • Store chemicals in closed, clearly marked containers
  • Use a pump to transfer chemical products from large to small containers
Process Improvements
  • Use squeeze bottles or plunger cans to apply a specified amount of blanket wash to shop towels
  • Use smaller,reusable towels for as long as possible
  • Store chemicals and used towels in closed containers
  • Evaluate chemical alternatives
  • Apply blanket wash only where necessary
  • Use personal protective equipment
  • Try increasing water dilution ratios
Waste Management
  • Track chemical and material stock, use, and waste generation rates
  • Segregate waste by waste stream
  • Store waste and used towels in closed containers
Partners in the Design for the Environment
Lithographic Printing Partnership:

Printing Industries of America
Graphic Arts Technical Foundation
The Environmental Conservation Board of the Graphic Communications Industry
The University of Tennessee,
and individual printers and suppliers.

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