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CTSA - Chapter 2: Data Collection

Cleaner Technologies Substitutes Assessment (CTSA): Lithographic Blanket Washes
This chapter contains information used to evaluate the health, environmental and regulatory concerns associated with the individual chemicals found in the lithographic blanket washes, and discusses how this information was obtained. Section 2.1 addresses the organization of the 56 specific chemicals that compose the blanket washes into generic chemical categories. Section 2.2 includes information on the physical and chemical properties of each specific chemical. Melting point, vapor pressure and the bioconcentration factor are among the many properties detailed in this section. Section 2.3 presents known human health toxicological data for each chemical. Information on the exposure routes, toxicity endpoints (such as carcinogenicity, developmental toxicity and neurologic effects), and exposure levels of concern for the chemicals are included in this section. Section 2.4 contains environmental effects data for each of the 56 chemicals. Included here is information on the chemical's acute and chronic aquatic toxicity levels for fish, invertebrates and algae, and an environmental hazard ranking for each chemical. Section 2.5 identifies which of the specific chemicals are subject to federal environmental regulations and describes each of the regulations that apply. The focus in Section 2.6 shifts from specific chemicals to the actual blanket wash formulations submitted by suppliers. In this section, safety hazard classifications for reactivity, flammability, ignitability and corrosivity have been assigned to each of the blanket washes.

2.1 Categorization/Formulations [35 K pdf]
2.2 Chemical Information [380 K pdf]
2.2.1 Chemical Properties and Information
2.2.2 Safety Hazard Factors
2.2.3 Chemical Properties and Information Summaries
2.3 Human Health Hazard Information [169 K pdf]
2.4 Environmental Hazard Information [168 K pdf]
2.4.1 Methodology
2.4.2 Results
2.5 Federal Regulatory Status [114 K pdf]
2.6 Safety Hazard by Formulation [55 K pdf]

Chapter 2 in its entirety. [530 K pdf file]

[PDF] PLEASE NOTE: Some of the documents mentioned in this Section are in Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF). To view or print them you will need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader program installed on your computer. The Reader can be downloaded and used with no charge; check here for more information on the Adobe Acrobat Reader.
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