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Integrated Environmental Management Systems Findings & Accomplishments

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Through its work with Screenprinting and Graphic Imaging Association, International (SGIA)Exit Disclaimer, DfE has shown that using IEMS can help a company accomplish the following:

  • Improve work environment for workers

  • Reduce toxic chemical use

  • Reduce use of volatile organic chemicals

  • Reduce hazardous waste generation and disposal

  • Increase recycling of solid waste

Participants in the pilot project learned many valuable lessons. Here is a summary of what many felt were the most important benefits:

  • "That you can have a system to achieve environmental improvement. Never gave it much thought before."

  • "Changed from being reactive to environmental regulations to being more proactive."

  • "The benefits of having documented operational controls."

  • "General environmental awareness building across the board; and that you can be bottom-line oriented and environmentally conscious at the same time."

  • "That the ultimate benefit is improving the environment and improving the bottom line at the same time."

DfE and SGIA have also shown that changes made within a company to implement an IEMS can also prepare a company for membership in EPA's National Environmental Performance Track Program, which recognizes top environmental performance among private and public facilities in the United States. In addition, Canadian companies are well prepared to participate in Environment Canada's innovative EMS Agreement.

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