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Nail Salons Project Findings and Accomplishments

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Did You Know...?

U.S. nail salons raked in $6.53 billion in revenue in 2003, up 67 percent from 10 years ago.

Asian-American-owned nail shops are driving the growth, with Vietnamese-Americans making up 37 percent of licensed technicians nationwide, and dominating 80 percent of the industry in California.

Quotes from: The Big Book, a statistics guide produced by "Nails" magazine and Akeya Dickson of Reuters in her article "Nail care industry beckons big money", Sunday June 20, 2004

In 2002, EPA Region 6 and DfE representatives visited many nail salons in Houston, Texas. They conducted hands-on assessments of engineering controls, personal protective equipment, and management practices that reduce or minimize chemical exposures at nail salons. With assistance from pilot shops, they also identified incentives and barriers for the implementation of improved practices.

EPA has compiled an information booklet to educate nail salon owners and employees the potential hazards of chemicals present in nail products and to recommend many best shop practices to minimize health and environmental risks in their shops. This booklet has been produced in English, Vietnamese, and Korean to ensure that stakeholders from different backgrounds are all equally educated on nail salon risks and safety measures.

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