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Lead-Free Solder Partnership

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To address the information gap on the environmental impacts of leaded and lead-free solders, EPA's DfE Program entered into a voluntary partnership with representatives of the electronics industry and other interested parties to evaluate the environmental impacts of tin-lead and lead-free solders (see the Partners page of this website for more information on project partners).

The partnership used a life-cycle assessment approach to examine the impacts of tin-lead, tin-copper, tin-silver-copper, and tin-silver-copper-bismuth solders. Goals of the project included:

Solders in Electronics: A Life-Cycle Assessment

The Solders in Electronics: A Life-Cycle Assessment (full report) and LCA summary document is available. This report contains the results of an evaluation of the potential environmental impacts of selected lead-free solders as alternatives to tin-lead solder.

  • evaluating the environmental impacts of tin/lead solder and selected lead-free alternative solders,
  • evaluating the effects of lead-free solders on recycling and reclamation at the end of the electronic product life-cycle, and
  • assessing the leachability of lead-free solders and their potential environmental effects.

For more information about the project, contact DfE.

Find information about additional DfE life-cycle assessments.

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