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Saving Money & Reducing Waste


Saving Money, Reducing Waste is a short video about pollution prevention for screen printers. This video is the result of a cooperative effort between the Screen Printing and Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA) International and the New Jersey Small Business Development Center. Funding for the production of the program was made possible by a grant from the U.S. EPA's Design for the Environment (DfE) Program and the U.S. Small Business Administration.
"What these facts reveal are not only ways to save you money, but ways to keep your compensation claims down."

"What these facts reveal are not only ways to save you money, but ways to keep your compensation claims down."
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The scene is a darkened office. A single desk light illuminates a solitary figure, Jonathan Banks, a detective. He produces a file containing a report on his investigation. He sighs, then speaks. "Here it is, the down and dirty on the screen printing industry...." What did he find? A number of problems, to be sure. But he also found a number of savvy screen printers who are, and have been, working with the solutions. Join Banks in his investigation, and find out how to reduce waste today, as well as save money.
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Saving Money, Reducing Waste, put simply, is a fifteen-minute video program designed to show screen printers how to prevent pollution and minimize waste through improved inventory control procedures, reduced chemical use, work practice changes, and employee training. At the same time, however, the program keeps close watch on your ever-important bottom line. In fact, a number of the ideas presented in the video can be instituted for less than one dollar, and some cost absolutely nothing. The truth is, this program could pay for itself in less than one day, provided you take the initiative to "get with the program."
Closed Screen reclamation system

"With this [closed screen reclamation] system, the same 55 gallon drum of solvent can last 9-12 weeks. The average shop would normally use 7-13 gallons of solvent a day. With those numbers, a shop like this would save $25 a day, or over $6,000 a year in solvent costs."
Writing an environmental policy

"Many companies I looked at started very simply, by creating a written company environmental policy, with clearly stated environmental goals, included in the employee manual. Apart from helping to give everyone a target to shoot at, this is the first step in demonstrating management's committment to waste management & pollution prevention."
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Saving Money, Reducing Waste has been created with the company owner in mind. It is designed to deliver an easy-to-understand, basic education in the thinking, activities, and techniques associated with pollution prevention. The video can also be used as a valuable training tool for your employees by demonstrating management's commitment to waste minimization, waste reduction, and environmental protection. The truth is, change within a company must start with a strong visible example from the top. Let Saving Money, Reducing Waste demonstrate this commitment to your employees and concerned clients.
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The program is presented in a way that is both entertaining and informative, allowing easy comprehension for even the most non-scientific person in your operation.
"first in, first out rule"

"The old 'first-in, first-out' rule-- simply, using your old chemicals first. Do it right, and you're likely to reduce the disposal costs of expired materials."
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Saving Money, Reducing Waste is available for order from the Screenprinting and Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA) International. The video is $25 for SGIA members and Government Agencies and $35 for non-members. An order form is available from this Web site: order form

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