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CTSA - Chapter 2 - Preparing for a CTSA

Cleaner Technologies Substitutes Assessment
Project partners in a CTSA perform a number of preliminary steps prior to embarking on the detailed analyses of a CTSA. These include recruiting partners, preparing scoping documents, selecting a use cluster for evaluation, and setting the boundaries of the evaluation. These preliminary steps not only ensure the selection of a productive project focus, they also help build relationships among the potential team members and lay the foundation for the culture of collaboration essential to project success.

This chapter summarizes the basic steps leading up to a CTSA and the scoping documents which help a DfE project team select a use cluster. It then gives a more detailed overview of each of the preparatory analytical steps. Design for the Environment: Building Partnerships for Environmental Improvement (EPA, 1995a) addresses each of these steps and describes in more detail how to involve multiple stakeholders in the DfE process and how to disseminate results.

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