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CTSA - Chapter 9 - Additional Environmental Improvement Opportunities

Cleaner Technologies Substitutes Assessment

This chapter presents module descriptions for identifying additional environmental improvement opportunities, including the following modules:

Pollution prevention involves changes in production, operating processes, or raw materials used to prevent or reduce pollution at the source. Although the entire CTSA process can be thought of as a means of evaluating pollution prevention opportunities, the Pollution Prevention Opportunities Assessment module involves assessing workplace practices and process conditions for pollution prevention opportunities above and beyond the use of a substitute. This assessment results in a specific list of suggested actions that could be taken to reduce or eliminate pollution for each of the alternatives.

The Control Technologies Assessment module involves an assessment of end-of-the-pipe treatment and disposal technologies for pollution generated for the alternatives. Control technologies are used to reduce the toxicity and/or volume of pollutants released. The information from this module can be used to identify available options that may be used for the evaluated process and substitutes.

Data from the Pollution Prevention Opportunities Assessment module do not necessarily flow into other modules in a CTSA. This module is intended to give individual businesses ideas for preventing pollution, regardless of which alternative they use. Recommended control technologies from the Control Technologies Assessment module may flow into the Cost Analysis module for costing, particularly if the controls are required by environmental regulation.

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