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Draft Guidelines for
Standards & Ecolabels

3/19/2015 Federal Register Notice - EPA seeks comment on pilot panel member criteria by April 20. Also, interested standard and ecolabel organizations may volunteer to be assessed and/or submit comments on the Information Collection Request until May 18.

Read more about the EPA's response to public comments.

The Federal government is the single largest consumer in the U.S., spending over $450 billion each year on a wide variety of products and services. Federal purchasers have an opportunity to use federal demand to drive increased availability of greener products and services globally, minimizing environmental impacts while supporting manufacturers that produce environmentally preferable products and services.

Federal green purchasing requirements are in Executive Order (EO) 13693 and the Federal Acquisition Regulations, part 23.7.

EPA's Draft Guidelines for Evaluating Standards and Ecolabels for Voluntary Use in Federal Procurement will inform EPA recommendations referenced in Section 3 (iii) (A) of EO 13693.

Federal green purchasing requirements for a specific product or service can be found at the GSA's Green Procurement Compilation Tool.

Get up to speed on federal green purchasing requirements and resources and get continuing education credits in some cases by using these training resources.

Your Agency's green purchasing goals are online in its Strategic Sustainability Performance Plans, and your Agency's green purchasing results in its OMB Energy and Sustainability Scorecards. Read OMB's Report to Congress documenting how federal agencies are doing in meeting their sustainable acquisition requirements.

Recent research on ways to integrate federal green purchasing requirements into federal e-procurement systems can be found in the Review of Federal E-Procurement Systems for Sustainable Purchasing Integration (PDF). (28 pp, 1MB, About PDF)

Vendors can get helpful information on how to sell greener products and services to the federal government in our updated resource.

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