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Cleaning Products Pilot Project

Cleaning Products Pilot Project (CPPP)

Project History
Project Status
Lessons Learned

The Cleaning Products Pilot Project (CPPP) was the first EPP pilot project established after Executive Order (E.O.) 12873 was issued (E.O. 12873 has since been superseded by E.O. 13101). It is a cooperative interagency effort between the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to establish a framework for identifying and comparing environmentally preferable commercial cleaning products.

GSA and EPA began the project in February 1993, to identify cleaning products with reduced human health and safety impacts for use in Federal buildings. The project originally focused on identifying the relevant environmental attributes and comparative effectiveness of various cleaning products. This is the first EPP pilot project established after E.O. 12873 was issued.

As the first pilot project designed and conducted to identify and compare environmentally preferable products, the CPPP influenced the direction of similar pilot projects. Some of the lessons learned from this pilot may be specific to cleaning projects, while others may be relevant for other product categories. Each environmentally preferable pilot project is unique due to the differences among the product categories examined and the stakeholders involved in the procurement process.

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