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Cleaning Products Pilot Project (CPPP)

Project History
Project Status
Lessons Learned

* Dates which occurred independently of the Cleaning Products Pilot Project. They are included as reference points.

February 1993
GSA and EPA begin a cooperative project to develop procedures for identifying environmentally preferable cleaning products.

May - December 1993
A small scale pilot project begins examining 19 cleaning products in Philadelphia, PA.

*October 20, 1993
President Clinton signs E.O. 12873 (superseded by E.O. 13101, see below).

November 20, 1993
A Memorandum of Understanding is signed between EPA and GSA that outlines their efforts on the Cleaning Products Pilot Project.

November 1993 - March 1994
GSA and EPA hold a series of stakeholder meetings with industry groups, labor unions, manufacturers, and vendors to discuss environmental procurement.

June 1994
The Final Report East Philadelphia Field Office Pilot Study on Cleaning Systems is released.

December 13, 1994
GSA and EPA hold an interagency focus group meeting to discuss environmental procurement issues.

June 5, 1995
GSA/EPA hold a series of meetings and briefings on the pilot project.

June 9, 1995
GSA sponsors a meeting with 12 affected vendors and trade associations to discuss information requests.

July 1995
EPA formats the environmental attribute information in a matrix that will be modified by the GSA/EPA team and published in the GSA catalog.

August 1995
EPA completes the RM1 for the 19 GSA cleaning products tested as part of the Philadelphia experiment.

August 1995
GSA/EPA complete the Draft Guidance Document for Reporting Information on Environmental Attributes of Cleaning Products and Their Components.

*September 29, 1995
EPA publishes a Federal Register notice announcing proposed Guidance for Acquisition of Environmentally Preferable Products and Services and establishes seven guiding principles.

*October 26, 1995
EPA holds a public meeting on the proposed general guidance on environmentally preferable products.

March 8, 1996
GSA Commercial Cleaning Supplies catalog is published, which includes the Biodegradable Cleaners and Degreasers section and environmental attributes matrix.

*September 16, 1998
E.O. 13101 is issued.

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