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EPP Updates

EPP Update cover
You will need the free Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.

Updated 18, February 2007 (PDF) (5 pp, 1.8 MB)
Highlights include: Benefits of Green Purchasing, Electronic Product Standards, Biobased Products, Strategic Sourcing, OMB Scorecards

Update 17, September 2006 (PDF) (8 pp, 1.3MB)
Highlights: Green Buildings, Standards for Green Cleaning and Electronic Products, EPP Purchasing Guides.

Update 16, November 2005 (PDF) (8 pp, 3MB)
Highlights: EPEAT Strives to Simplify Procurement Process, Expanding the Biobased Product Shopping List, READ Services Program, New Rule to Make Mercury Disposal Easier, Composting at USDA Cafeteria.

Update 15, April 2005 (PDF) (9 pp, 5.2MB)
Highlights: Electronics Management, Auto Suppliers Partnership, Green Construction, Biobased Products, National Parks, and Closing the Circle awards.

Update 14, August 2004 (PDF) (8 pp, 603K)
Highlights: Buying Green Office Supplies, EPA's Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Guides, Sustainable Building Design, High Performance Buildings Database, Convention Industry Council, EPP Beyond Borders.

Update 13, January 2004 (PDF) (12 pp, 762K)
Highlights: PBTs in vehicles, Green cleaners, Hospitals For a Healthy Environment Awards, Greening the Government Conference, Federal Electronics Challenge, EPP Database, RCRA Reporting, EMSs.

Update 12, January 2003 (PDF) (12 pp, 2.4MB)
Highlights: Interview with John Howard - Federal Environmental Executive, Buying Biobased, EPA EPP Goals, Alternative Fuel Vehicles, Mercury Free Purchasing, Green Meetings, EPP Database.

Update 11, August 2002 (PDF) (12 pp, 1.6MB)
Highlights: EPP Pioneer - Kathy Seikle, Greening of National Parks, North American Conference on Green Purchasing, Scott/Carver revitalization, Online shopping for Green office supplies, Public comments on EPP Product Guides, CPG searchable database, Federal Network for Sustainability.

Update 10, January 2002 (PDF) (12 pp, 2.2MB)
Highlights: EMS and EPP, EPP Pioneer - Cathy Berlow, Product Fact Sheets, Federal Elelctronics Stewardship Forum, Biobased Lubricants, Naitonal Park Service Partnership, EPP Grants.

Update 9, August 2001 (PDF) (12 pp, 2MB)
Highlights: Carpets, EPP Pioneer - Sue Hunt, Paper standards, WasteWise on EPP, King County, Sustainability, Eco-label web sites, Green Conferencing.

Update 8, February 2001 (PDF) (12 pp, 2MB)
Highlights: Electronices MOU, Greening RTP, EPP Training Too, New documents, DOI's Green Store, Certified Wood, International EPP Programs, ASTM Greem Building, Measurement.

Update 7, September 2000 (PDF) (12 pp, 966K)
Highlights: New FAR Green Purchasing Language, Bob Cox - EPP Pioneer, Buy Clean Initiative, Web Based Tools, USPS Green Message, Integrated Pest Management, Pentagon Renovations, BEES 2.0, NPS Green Uniforms, JWOD MOA.

Update 6, April 2000 (PDF) (12 pp, 1MB)
Highlights: JWOD, Interview with Federal Environmental Executive, Green Cleaning Products, Local Government, ASTM Sustainability Questionnaire, EPP Pioneer - Kent Bullard, Hospitals for a Healthy Environment, EPA's Photocopier standards.

Update 5, September 1999 (PDF) (12 pp, 343K)
Highlights: Fort Bragg's Printing, EPP Final Guidance, Environmental Purchasing Tool for Local Governments, Green Conferencing, EPP in Classroom, Green Alternatives for Government Purchasing, DOI Purchasing, EPP Standards Development, Web based tools.

Update 4, March 1999 (PDF) (12 pp, 446K)
Highlights: Are Biobased Products Environmentally Preferable?, Environmental Information to be Added to Supply Database, Pentagon Staff Gives Thumbs up to EPP Training, Final Guidance to Result from New Executive Order.

Update 3, September 1998 (PDF) (12 pp, 3.5MB)
Highlights: New Pilot Approach for EPP, Parking Lot Pilot Update, "Green" Conference Planning, EPA Initiates Copier Paper Pilot Project, EPP Events, EPP Resources.

Update 2, November 1997 (PDF) (12 pp, 775K)
Highlights: Bees Software, DOD's "Green" Parking Lots, Recent EPP Publications, Coming Publications, NACo's EPP Project, Cleaning Products Pilot Update, EPP Pioneers.

Update 1, February 1997 (textfile) (20K)
Highlights: Guidance Status, Pilot Project Status, Other Activities in EPP Program, Outreach.

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