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Integrating Green Purchasing Into Your Environmental Management System (EMS) - Appendix A: Products and Services Purchased at ESC

As published by the EPA in April 2005.

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Appendix A
Products and Services Purchased at ESC: Implementing Environmentally-Preferable Purchasing (EPP) Draft: 8/26/2003

Type of Purchase Products and Services Purchased, Value of Products and Services Current ESC Operational Controls for EPP and Communicating with Contractors and Suppliers Barriers to EPP and Communicating with Contractors and Suppliers

Bank card purchase (small purchase)

Consumable Lab Supplies (standards, reagents, disposable glassware and plasticware, compressed gases), Lab Systems (equipment calibration services, NIST references, laboratory equipment), Training (health services training), Analytical Services, Office Services (photocopying, labels and tags), Office Supplies (posters, stationery), Boat Supplies, Facility Supplies (hardware, recycling bins), Computer Supplies & Services (software, printers and printer supplies, computer hardware), Information Products (NTIS products), Barcoding Supplies, Travel/Meetings, Safety Supplies

Environmental attributes generally considered on an ad hoc basis.

EMS target included strategy for addressing impacts related to paper consumption, which led ESC to purchase 100% recycled-content paper.

Requirement to purchase from a variety of vendors

Purchase requisitions (PR)

OPP: maintenance agreement, equipment, supplies

Region III: capital equipment, onsite contractors, library records management, GIS support, COOP contractors

Overall Facility: contract based services (performance-based contracts) include ESAT contract, capital equipment, records management, computer support, LAN support, hazardous waste management (EMSI), landscaping/lawn maintenance, security system, operation & maintenance, janitorial/snow removal, mail, boats, telephone, library services; subcontracts include water conditioning, emergency generator, building automation system, fire sprinkler, fire pumps, BSC system, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), and fume hood certification.

In its contracts, ESC uses a lot of standard clauses provided by EPA headquarters that covers implementation of the "seegreening" Executive Orders - http://www.fedcenter.gov/programs/EMS/#regsl

Contractor orientation to EMS for contractors working at ESC long-term.

Contract for hazardous waste disposal includes EPP language.

Next contract for copiers will consider paper reduction benefits of digital copiers.

Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA)

Note: BPAs are being used less often.

OPP: BPA with Fisher for glassware and gloves, lab consumables (they receive a discount when using the BPA)

ASQAB: BPA with Roberts Oxygen for gases and with Sigma-Aldrich (formerly Supelco) for chemical standards, internal standards, surrogate compounds, vials, syringes, etc.

Overall Facility: maintenance agreements under BPAs, including those for copiers, fax machines, security systems, and fire systems.

Miscellaneous Obligation Documents (MODs)

Overall Facility: utility purchases, FedEx, bank card authorizations.

Reimbursable Work Agreements (RWAs)

Overall Facility: vehicle renting (and associated maintenance) from GSA, providing security services (guards).

Outside Contracts (B&F, SHEM)

Overall Facility: telecommunications support, voicemail system, Pbranch Xchange, medical monitoring (through an interagency agreement - IAG)

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