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Summary of Comments Received from the Federal Register Notice of Voluntary Standards for EPP - Purchasers

Key Policy, Guidance Documents

EPA's Final Guidance on EPP

Executive Orders

Federal Acquisition Regulation

Green Purchasing Guides

Information on Standards for Green Products, Services

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Department of the Navy


Washington, DC

Contact Info

Gregory Schirf
(703) 604-5424

Nature of Organization

Government agency that procures large quantifies of supplies, equipment, and services.


EPA should first establish minimum criteria for voluntary consensus standards for EPP and organizations that test EPP.

Voluntary standards adopted by EPA should meet the following criteria:

  • public forum that allows all stakeholders to participate
  • provide a single list of preferable attributes
  • compare products within the context of their intended use and current
  • consider incremental cost increases relative to environmental benefits
  • resolve competing environmental concerns and values quantitatively
  • require independent verification of claims
  • independence from existing regulatory concerns
  • not pose undue burden on business
  • available at reasonable or no cost
  • consider occupational safety and health

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