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Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Guides

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EPA's Final Guidance on EPP

Executive Orders

Federal Acquisition Regulation

Green Purchasing Guides

Information on Standards for Green Products, Services

The Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Guides provide information and references for Federal procurement officials to help them better consider the environmental aspects of purchasing decisions. These guides describe the challenges, successes, and resources associated with a specific product or service, focusing on how to incorporate environmental considerations into purchasing decisions. Available guides:

The four documents are:

EPA's Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) Program operates in a transparent manner, seeking participation and counsel from our stakeholders. The four purchasing guides were developed through a process which included a public review of the guides, announced in the Federal Register of June 30, 2004.

In response to this Notice, EPA received 24 comments from a variety of organizations and individuals. EPA reviewed each of these comments, and in response made a number of changes to the guides. These changes include editorial revisions and technical clarifications and additions. In order to indicate the nature of the comments and changes made, as well as changes not made, we developed the attached document which provides responses to major comments.

EPA hopes that these Guides will prove useful to the Federal procurement community as it considers environmental factors in purchasing decisions. As readers identify information or issues in the Guides that they believe need further attention, either correction, deletion, or addition, please let us know, by contacting the Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Program.

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