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Environmental Attributes to Look For

Procurement Guidance

Comprehensive Procurement Guidance (CPG)
Recycled-content recommendations for procurement of transportation and vehicle products.


EPP Program list of Fleet Tools

Case Studies

EPP Program list of Fleet Case Studies

Web Resources

EPP Database

EPA Web Sites

Green Vehicle Guide
EPA's guide to choose the cleanest and most fuel-efficient vehicle that meets your needs.

Other Government Web Sites

Department of Energy (DOE), Clean Fleet Guide
Resources to help fleets make green vehicle and fuel decisions.

California Air Resources Board (ARB), DriveClean.ca.gov Exit EPA Disclaimer
California ARB's Guide to zero and near-zero emission vehicles.

Non-Government Web Sites

Environmental Defense, Green Cars Guide Exit EPA Disclaimer
Guide to vehicle production, use and disposal, with information on raw materials extraction and processing; pre-assembly manufacturing; vehicle assembly; vehicle use; and end-of-life vehicle maintenance.

Harnessing the Power of Advanced Fleets: A Hybrid Electric Vehicle Fact Sheet for Government Officials (PDF) (4 pp, 439KB, About PDF)Exit EPA Disclaimer
Fact sheet outlining the benefits of hybrid vehicles and information about how hybrid vehicles are used in government fleets.

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