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Office Supplies

Environmental Attributes to Look For

Procurement Guidance

Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines (CPG) - Nonpaper Office Products
Recycled-content recommendations for procurement of nonpaper office products.

Case Studies

EPP Program list of Office Supplies Case Studies

Web Resources

EPP Database

EPA Web Sites

Greening EPA: Green Office Supplies
Information about EPA's purchasing of environmentally preferable office supplies.

Other Government Web Sites

General Services Administration (GSA) Advantage!
GSA's listing of products and services available to the federal government. Click on the "Environmental" Special Category to view environmentally preferable products and services.

Non-Government Web Sites

Green Seal: Choose Green Report on Office Supplies (PDF) (12 pp, 328K, About PDF) Exit EPA Disclaimer
Green Seal is an independent, nonprofit organization that sets environmental standards and awards a Green Seal of Approval to products that cause less harm to the environment than other similar products. Green Seal's Choose Green Report on Office Supplies (May 2002) offers recommended purchasing criteria and a list of recommended office supply brands, their manufacturers, and contacts.

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