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Defense Logistics Agency

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DLA is responsible for the procurement and distribution of 3.8 million consumable items used by the military services and other Federal agencies. Procurement at DLA is done centrally through the Defense Supply Centers (listed below). Individual military installations also procure items directly from vendors if the item is not centrally procured or stocked through DLA and if the value of the procurement is less than $25,000.

I. What Products Does DLA Buy Most?

Product Dollar Amount (1995)
Aircraft - Fixed wing $8,350,043,000
Combat ships and landing vessels $3,005,742,000
Liquid propellants and fuels $2,447,049,000
Gas turbines and jet engines $1,904,252,000
Guided missiles $1,768,428,000
Aircraft accessories and components $1,347,396,000
Communication equipment $972,509,000
Automated data processing equipment $775,489,000
Trucks and truck tractors - wheeled $765,544,000
Radio and television equipment $614,756,000

II. What are the Defense Supply Centers?

Supply Center Telephone
Defense Fuel Supply Center (DFSC) in Virginia
(800) 523-2601
(800) 468-8893
Defense Industrial Supply Center (DISC)
(800) 831-1110
Defense Supply Center, Columbus (DSCC) -- hardware
(800) 262-3272
Defense Supply Center, Richmond (DSCR) -- chemicals in Virginia
(800) 544-5634
Defense Personnel Supply Center (DPSC)
(800) 523-0705

III. Who Do I Contact at DLA?

Office Telephone
Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU) - Defense Logistics Headquarters
(703) 767-1650
Business Opportunity Center, Richmond
(804) 279-3550

IV. What Information Sources are Available?



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