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Procurement at DOI is done through the individual Bureaus (listed below). Individual Bureaus procure items from the GSA schedules, the DLA inventory, and directly from vendors. The majority of items are procured from the GSA schedules, however, the majority of small purchases are placed directly with the vendors.


I. What Products Does DOI Buy Most?

Product Dollar Amount (1995)
Electrical generators and generator sets $21,690,000
Automated data processing (ADP) components $18,638,000
Water turbines and water wheels $10,685,000
ADP support equipment (splicers, spoolers, etc.) $8,782,000
ADP software $8,612,000
ADP central processing units (CPUs) $7,100,000
Radio and television communication equipment $6,307,000
Compressors and vacuum pumps $5,569,000
Miscellaneous printed materials (decals, labels, etc.) $4,889,000
Motion picture and still picture film $4,534,000

II. What are the Bureaus?

Bureau Telephone
Bureau of Indian Affairs
(202) 208-2825
Bureau of Land Management
(202) 452-5176
Bureau of Reclamation
(303) 236-3750
Minerals Management Service
(703) 787-1375
National Park Service
(202) 565-1163
Office of Surface Mining
(202) 208-2839
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
(703) 358-1901
U.S. Geological Survey
(703) 648-7373

III. Who Do I Contact at DOI?

Name Telephone
Jennings Wong, Procurement Analyst
(202) 208-6704
Ken Naser, Environmental Program Team Leader
(202) 208-3901
Ralph Rausch, Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU)
(202) 208-3493
Frank Gisondi, Small Business Specialist
(202) 208-4907

IV. What Information Sources are Available?



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