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Procurement at DOT is done through the various agency departments (listed below). Departments procure items from the GSA schedules, the DLA inventory, and directly from vendors. The majority of items are procured from the GSA schedules, however, the majority of small purchases are placed directly with the vendors.

I. What Products Does DOT Buy Most?

Product Dollar Amount (1995)
Automated data processing (ADP) central processing units (CPUs) $267,548,000
Miscellaneous communication equipment $230,857,000
Wire and cable - electrical $101,349,000
Radar equipment - except airborne $98,795,000
Special service vessels (towboats, fire boats, ice breakers, etc.) $66,491,000
ADP central processing units - digital $50,488,000
Cargo and tanker vessels $42,056,000
Navigational instruments $34,833,000
ADP components $29,532,000
Small craft - powered and unpowered $26,920,000

II. What are the DOT Departments?

Department Contact Telephone
Federal Aviation Administration Lilly Harris
(202) 267-3687
Federal Highway Administration Frank Waltos
(202) 366-4205
Federal Railroad Administration Miles Washington
(202) 632-3239
Federal Transit Administration Dale Johnson
(202) 366-4980
Maritime Administration Rita Thomas
(202) 366-5757
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Janice Flemming
(202) 366-9569
Office of the Secretary Dan Telep
(202) 366-6699
Research and Special Programs Administration Orrin Cook
(617) 494-2593
Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation Linda Harding
(315) 764-3244
United States Coast Guard Dani Wildason
(202) 267-1578

III. Who Do I Contact at DOT?

Name Telephone
Cynthia Blackmon, Procurement Operations
(202) 366-4968
Mark Welch, Small Purchases
(202) 366-4971
Luz Hopewell, Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU)
(202) 366-1930

IV. What Information Sources are Available?



* The Procurement Forecast is required by every Federal Agency and is a projection of Agency purchases and contracts for the next fiscal year.

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