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Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Bus

A number of general environmentally preferable purchasing tools have been developed by EPA and other organizations to assist federal purchasers with putting environmentally preferable purchasing into practice.

There are also many product-specific tools that have been developed by EPA and other government and private organizations, including tools for:

General Tools

Green Products Compilation: Simplifying the Complexities of Green Purchasing
The General Service Administration's web-based Green Products Compilation (GPC) is now live. The GPC is a publicly available, web-based resource that allows users to identify applicable environmental programs, such as Energy Star and WaterSense, by product type and category. It serves as a centralized resource that supports compliance with federal green purchasing requirements and the achievement of agency sustainable acquisition goals.

Database of Environmental Information for Products and Services
Searchable database of product-specific information developed by public and private organizations, both domestically and internationally, including:

Designated Green Products for Federal Procurement
This resource is a compilation of the products for which EPA, the Department of Energy, and Department of Agriculture have provided environmental or energy attribute recommendations.

Promoting Green Purchasing: Tools and Resources to Quantify the Benefits of EPP (PDF) (15 pp, 593 KB, About PDF)
Guide outlining existing tools and resources that can help develop quantitative estimates of the projected benefits of making new environmentally preferable purchasing choices and to document the estimated benefits of past actions.

Green Purchasing Training
The Office of the Federal Environmental Executive presentation covers executive order and statutory requirements, Federal Acquisition Regulation provisions, each of the components of the Federal green purchasing program, examples of "cool stuff" from Federal agencies, example contract languages, and lots of references.

General Services Administration's SmartPay® Purchase Card Training
Training tool developed by GSA to help federal purchasers properly design and carry out a purchasing plan.

EPP Assistant Exit EPA Disclaimer
Purchasing prioritization tool that allows users to quantify and prioritize their green purchasing efforts through life cycle assessment. The EPP Assistant was developed by the University of New Hampshire and Sylvatica, through a grant from the EPA and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts' EnviroCalc
EnviroCalc is a spreadsheet-based tool designed to estimate the environmental benefits of purchases of recycled-content and energy efficient products.

Product Specific Tools

Building & Construction

Federal Green Construction Guide for Specifiers Exit EPA Disclaimer
Comprehensive guide to procuring green building products and construction services within the Federal government. EPA partnered with the Office of the Federal Environmental Executive and the Whole Building Design Guide to develop the Guide for Specifiers.

Building for Environmental and Economic Sustainability (BEES)
The BEES 4.0 software allows users to compare environmental and economic costs of competing products to assist in the selection of building materials.

Building Energy Software Tools Directory
Directory of over 340 building software tools for evaluating energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainability in buildings.

Whole Building Design Guide Tools Index Exit EPA Disclaimer
Internet-based portal with information on a variety of desktop or Web-based tools used in the building industry.

Indoor Air Quality Education and Analysis Model (I-BEAM)
Computer model for building professionals and others interested in assessing and maintaining indoor air quality in commercial buildings.

San Francisco's Green Building Project Reporting and Information Tool (GreenPRINT) Exit EPA Disclaimer
Web-based application for city professionals who are working on all phases of the design and construction of municipal green building projects in San Francisco. The tool is easily adapted for use in other cities.

Pharos Exit EPA Disclaimer
Pharos is a project of Healthy Building Network, in partnership with Center for Clean Products and Clean Technologies at the University of Tennessee and other organizations. The Pharos framework proposes categories of environmental concern for analysis of green building. These categories cover health, resource sustainability, and social justice (e.g., occupant exposure, renewable materials, and corporate responsibility).


Green Cleaning Pollution Prevention Calculator Exit EPA Disclaimer
Calculator that quantifies the projected environmental benefits of purchasing and using green janitorial services and products.


Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) Exit EPA Disclaimer
Procurement tool to help institutional purchasers evaluate, compare, and select electronic equipment based on their environmental attributes.

Electronics Environmental Benefits Calculator (EEBC) Exit EPA Disclaimer
Calculator that estimates the environmental benefits of greening the purchase, use and disposal of electronics. The EEBC was developed by the University of Tennessee, with support from Abt Associates and Dillon Environmental Associates, under a cooperative agreement with EPA.

ENERGY STARŪ Product Savings Calculators
Series of calculators that quantify the cost savings associated with using ENERGY STAR certified products over traditional models.


Department of Energy, Alternative Fuels Data Center
Database of fueling stations for compressed natural gas, 85% ethanol, liquefied petroleum gas/propane, biodiesel, electric, hydrogen, and liquefied natural gas. Also includes a route mapper, station counts and customizable database queries.

Federal Automotive Statistical Tool (FAST)
Online system developed to assist federal agencies in meeting the data reporting requirements related to fleet purchase and management. Use is limited to specified federal officials.

Freight Logistics Environmental and Energy Tracking Performance Model (FLEET Performance Model)
Model that quantifies the environmental performance of fleet operations.

Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) Cost Calculator Tool
Flex Fuel Vehicle (FFV) Cost Calculator Tool
Calculators that allow an organization to compare the costs, benefits, and emissions of HEVs and FFVs to those of conventional vehicles. It can be used to compare single vehicles or full fleets.


Paper Calculator Exit EPA Disclaimer
Calculator that allows an organization to compare the environmental impacts of different paper choices across the entire life cycle of five major grades of paper.

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