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TSCA Submissions with Newly Declassified Claims for Confidential Business Information (CBI)

On this page you will find information from health and safety studies submitted to EPA that the Agency declassified March 24, 2011. Previously considered to be confidential business information (CBI), some of the declassifications were voluntarily initiated by companies; some were based on EPA's review of health and safety studies submitted to EPA with chemical identities claimed as CBI. This action is part of EPAís ongoing effort to increase the publicís access to chemical information and to increase transparency related to the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). EPA appreciates the efforts and cooperation of companies in declassifying former CBI submissions resulting in more health and safety information being made available to the public.

Use EPA's Chemical Data Access Tool to search a much broader collection of submissions of the health and safety data submitted to the Agency, primarily under authorities in sections 4, 5, and 8 of the TSCA.

You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.

Documents with Declassified CBI Claims

(as of March 24, 2011)

Document Description

Control Number

8EHQ-92-12319 8911000068
8EHQ-09-17484 89110000173
8EHQ-92-10109 89110000079
8EHQ-09-17682 89110000160
8EHQ-94-13273 89110000107
8EHQ-94-13047 89110000178
8EHQ-06-16439 89110000161
8EHQ-00-14684 89110000163
8EHQ-91-1844 89110000166
8EHQ-92-2354 89110000167
8EHQ-07-16750 89110000157
8EHQ-91-1324 89110000164
8EHQ-92-10098 89110000168
8EHQ-06-16533 89110000155
8EHQ-09-17510 89110000174
8EHQ-92-10104 89110000169
8EHQ-92-12031 89110000170
8EHQ-09-17549 89110000162
8EHQ-92-13201 89110000171
8EHQ-94-13042 89110000172
8EHQ-08-17198 89110000177
8EHQ-05-16291 89110000186
8EHQ-06-16436 89110000187
8EHQ-06-16452 89110000184
8EHQ-07-16807 89110000188
8EHQ-07-16913 89110000189
8EHQ-07-16986 89110000183
8EHQ-08-17045 89110000190
8EHQ-08-17353 89110000159
8EHQ-09-17535 89110000185
8EHQ-06-16409 89110000176
8EHQ-09-17629 89110000056
8EHQ-10-17890 89110000080
8EHQ-07-16866 89110000087
8EHQ-07-16892 89110000086
8EHQ-06-16600 89110000097
8EHQ-06-16602 89110000098
8EHQ-07-16691 89110000099
8EHQ-91-1796 89110000088
8d - 86970000779S  
8EHQ-09-17511 89110000175
8EHQ-10-18198 89110000191

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