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Existing Chemicals Action Plans


October 23, 2014 – EPA announced the updates to its list of chemicals for assessment to reflect new industry data on chemical releases and potential exposures.

Action plans summarize available hazard, exposure, and use information on chemicals; outline the risks that each chemical may present; and identify the specific steps the Agency is taking to address those concerns.

Action Plans Issued by EPA

Read or download a brief summary overview of all posted chemical action plans. (5 pp. 69 kb, About PDF)

Identifying Chemicals for Assessment

EPA in 2012 identified a work plan of chemicals for further assessment and revised it with the TSCA Work Plan for Chemical Assessments: 2014 Update (20 pp, 256 kb, About PDF).

Read more about the TSCA Work Plan.

EPA intends to use the TSCA Work Plan for Chemical Assessments to focus and direct the activities of the Existing Chemicals Program over the next several years.

Background and Development Process

On September 29, 2009, EPA announced a comprehensive approach to enhance the Agency’s current chemicals management program under TSCA. The most important component of this enhanced chemical management program involves the action plan process, which is intended to:

In selecting chemicals for action plan development, the Agency accesses readily available information on hazard, use, and exposure. The initial chemicals selected were chosen on the basis of multiple factors, including, among others:

The Agency’s actions on chemicals may include initiating regulatory action to label, restrict, or ban a chemical, or to require the submission of additional data needed to determine the risk. As those actions begin, there will be opportunities for public and stakeholder comment and involvement. If EPA determines that a chemical doesn’t present a need for action, EPA will make that information available.

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