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Enhancing EPA’s Chemical Management Program

At the direction of EPA's Administrator, and in parallel with the announcement of principles to strengthen US chemical management laws, in September 2009 EPA initiated a comprehensive approach to enhance the Agency’s current chemicals management program within the limits of existing authorities.

That effort included:

Expanding on these efforts, EPA developed the Existing Chemicals Program Strategy (4 pp., 48 kb.) About PDF, released February 2012, describing its three-pronged approach for the existing chemicals management program. The Strategy addresses:

As one component of this strategy, EPA has identified a work plan of 83 chemicals for further review under TSCA. EPA identified seven of these chemicals for risk assessment in 2012. EPA will complete some of these assessments this year and will initiate new assessments from the work plan in the coming years. EPA identified 18 additional chemicals for risk assessment in 2013 and 2014. Read about the TSCA Work Plan Chemicals.

Read about current chemical risk management activities on specific chemicals.

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