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TSCA Work Plan Chemicals


August 28, 2014 – EPA released final TSCA Work Plan Chemical Risk Assessments for DCM, ATO, and HHCB. The DCM assessment identified health risks to workers and consumers who use these products, and to bystanders in workplaces and residences where DCM is used.

August 1, 2014 –EPA held an experts workshop on TCE alternatives and risk reduction approaches on July 29-30, 2014.

June 25, 2014 – EPA released its final TSCA Work Plan Chemical Risk Assessment for Trichloroethylene (TCE) (PDF) (212 pp, 3.0 mb, About PDF), identifying health risks from exposure when used as a degreasing agent, a spot removal agent in dry-cleaning and as a spray arts fixative.

Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) Work Plan

As part of EPA’s chemical safety program, in March 2012 EPA identified a work plan of 83 chemicals for further assessment under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). Watch a video on the TSCA Risk Assessment Program.

EPA is using the TSCA Work Plan (PDF) (11 pp, 454 kb) About PDF to help focus and direct the activities of its Existing Chemicals Program.

Read about ongoing TSCA Work Plan Chemical Assessments.

How Were the TSCA Work Plan Chemicals Selected?

After gathering input from stakeholders, EPA developed criteria used for identifying chemicals for further assessment. The criteria focused on chemicals that meet one or more of the following factors:

Using this process, EPA identified 83 chemicals in the TSCA Work Plan as candidates for risk assessment in the next several years, as they all scored high in this screening process based on their combined hazard, exposure, and persistence and bioaccumulation characteristics.

Read the TSCA Work Plan Chemicals Methods Document (39 pp., 1.0 mb.) About PDF for a detailed explanation of the approach the Agency used to identify these chemicals.

In identifying a smaller set of TSCA Work Plan Chemicals for work in any given year, EPA considers a number of factors:

Access the docket to read a summary of the webinar discussion and all unedited online comments.

Will EPA Revise the TSCA Work Plan?

EPA’s TSCA Work Plan sets forth the chemicals EPA plans to assess in the coming years. EPA plans to keep updating the Work Plan over time as assessments are completed, and as new or updated information about Work Plan Chemicals becomes available.

Will EPA Consider Chemicals Not on the TSCA Work Plan?

Identification of chemicals as TSCA Work Plan Chemicals (39 pp., 1.0 mb.) About PDF) does not mean that EPA would not consider other chemicals for risk assessment and potential risk management action under TSCA and other statutes. EPA will consider other chemicals if warranted by available information.

EPA will also continue to use its TSCA information collection, testing, and subpoena authorities, including sections 4, 8, and 11(c) of TSCA, to develop needed information on additional chemicals that currently have less robust hazard or exposure data.

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