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Chemical Screening Tool For Exposures & Environmental Releases

What Does ChemSTEER Do ?
. Estimates occupational inhalation and dermal exposure to a chemical during industrial and commercial manufacturing, processing, and use operations involving the chemical.
. Estimates releases of a chemical to air, water, and land that are associated with industrial and commercial manufacturing, processing, and use of the chemical.

How Does ChemSTEER Work ?
. Allows users to select predefined industry-specific or chemical functional use-specific profiles or user-defined manufacturing, processing and use operations. Using these operations and several chemical-specific and case-specific parameters and general models, the ChemSTEER computer program estimates releases and occupational exposures. The methods in ChemSTEER were developed by the EPA Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics (OPPT); Economics, Exposure, and Technology Division; Chemical Engineering Branch.

What Do I Need to Use ChemSTEER ?
. Understanding of processes (for operations without industry-specific data) and of ChemSTEER methods (in HELP screens).
. Data and information on a chemical's:
   . Physical-chemical properties, including molecular weight, vapor pressure, and density.
   . Production or use volume, and if applicable, fractions devoted to multiple uses.
   . Weight fractions and physical states.
. Case-specific parameters, when available:
   . Numbers of sites, operating days, and workers; batch amounts and durations.
   . Release sources and worker activities.
   . Workplace concentrations and release amounts and media.
   . Types and sizes of containers used to transport the chemical or mixture.

How Are ChemSTEER Data Used ?
. EPA's OPPT uses ChemSTEER methods in screening new and existing chemicals for the potential risk they may pose to workers and the environment.
. ChemSTEER outputs can be used to identify potential pollution prevention and exposure reduction opportunities.

What Type of Computer System Do I Need ?
. Processor - mid-range Pentium or higher is recommended.
. Memory - 64 MB or more recommended (or minimum recommended for your version of Windows).
. Hard disc space - 50 MB required.
. Operating system - Windows 98 or higher.
. Monitor resolution - 800 x 600 or higher.

What Is ChemSTEER's Status and Availability ?
The May 2004 beta version of ChemSTEER is available. This beta was developed primarily for producing internal EPA reports on workplace releases and exposures.  EPA has significantly improved reliability, transparency, clarity, completeness, and flexibility relative to the previous draft prototype, and these improvements continue the programming effort toward making ChemSTEER more user-friendly for non-EPA users.  This beta version of ChemSTEER can be downloaded and installed using Download ChemSTEER.

This beta version contains 34 models, which includes a complete set of models routinely used by EPA in the absence of data for workplace release and exposure assessment.  This beta version also includes four industry-specific operations and a complete Help System with a full set of references.

Updates to this beta version are planned to improve flexibility and versatility of model use and to include more of the 60 industry-specific operations (also called generic scenarios) for which data have been developed.  These generic scenarios are documented in the Chemical Engineering Branch Compilation of Generic Scenarios, 1997, which is available as a zip file in the Human And Environmental Exposure Assessment Documents section of Exposure Assessment Guidance page.

ChemSTEER Questions/Answers

ChemSTEER Overview and Tutorial Slide Shows

Who Can I Call for More Information ?
For more information about the tool, contact:
Jay Jon
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Mail Code 7406M
1200 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W. 
Washington, DC 20460
Phone # (202) 564-8518
E-mail: Jay Jon

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