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Download ChemSTEER

Before you download the beta version of ChemSTEER, you may wish to consider viewing slide shows of an overview and a tutorial of this program.  The overview of ChemSTEER has been developed to give you a feel for what ChemSTEER looks like and how it is used.  The tutorial may be used to help a new user to begin to learn ChemSTEER by demonstrating an abbreviated assessment of a chemical.

ChemSTEER Slide Shows

To download and run ChemSTEER, follow the install instructions below.

csinstall.exe 45 MB (May 2004 beta) 

Download And Install Instructions For ChemSTEER

The ChemSTEER installation program has been compressed into a single, self-extracting executable file. To install ChemSTEER on your system, complete the following instructions:

1. Download the ChemSTEER install file (csinstall.exe) to any directory of your choice. 
2. Before beginning the installation, it is recommended that you shut down all other programs/ applications running on your computer.
3. Run the installation file named "csinstall.exe" located in the directory/ disk that you chose and follow the user prompts throughout the setup process.  Exit the installation.
4. Run ChemSTEER by clicking the Windows Start button and choosing Programs, ChemSTEER Version 2, and clicking the ChemSteer icon. A ChemSTEER icon is also available in the C:\WINDOWS\Start Menu\Programs\ChemSTEER version 2 folder.

Questions/Answers for Using ChemSTEER

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