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Q:  What is different in this May 2004 beta version of the Chemical Screening Tool for Exposures and Environmental Releases (ChemSTEER) compared to the previous July 2003 beta version?

A: New features include:  capability of opening/modifying older assessments with new versions of the software;  automatic transfer of contact information to multiple Contact Reports;  operation NAICS code search function;  new Recirculating Water-Cooling Tower Additive Use industry- specific operation;  automatic transfer of site information from one operation to another;  container unloading & cleaning sources/activities are automatically added to operations as a pair (one is automatically added when the other is added by the user);  model status messages on the Releases and Exposures tabs;  ability to run two sets of inputs (or conditions) in a single model to calculate two release or exposure estimates;  releases are no longer combined in ChemSTEER or in the IRER. 

Q: Are future ChemSTEER updates planned?

A: Updates to this beta version are planned to include more of the 60 industry-specific operations for which data have been developed, in addition to improving flexibility and versatility of model use.  Timing and scope of updates depend upon EPA resource allocations.   These generic scenarios are documented in the Chemical Engineering Branch Compilation of Generic Scenarios, 1997, which is available as a zip file in the Human And Environmental Exposure Assessment Documents section of the Exposure Assessment Guidance page.

Q: Is there any training available for this tool?

A:  EPA does not currently offer ChemSTEER-specific training. However, EPA's Sustainable Futures project conducts an overview of Pollution Prevention Framework models, which includes ChemSTEER. Click on the following link to download a Training Packet for ChemSTEER in the Sustainable Futures Project, which is a zip file that is available for that project. Note: The training packet contains various files, which are in this downloadable zip file.  If you do not have unzip software in your computer, you may not successfully retrieve this compilation from this zip file. Individual files in the training packet:
- Readmefirst (describes contents and use of files)
- Participant's Guide for Using ChemSTEER for Sustainable Futures
- Sustainable Futures Overview
- P2 Framework Manual ChemSTEER pages
- P2 Framework Manual Case Study C Files (pages from P2 Framework Manual, ChemSTEER data file, Worksheet files)
- Blank worksheet file

Q: Where can I find information about how the tool calculates workplace exposures and releases?

A:  The ChemSTEER Help system in this beta version is complete.   This Help system documents how each release and exposure estimate is calculated by the tool.

Q:  Have the models in ChemSTEER been peer reviewed?

A: The methods and models in ChemSTEER have undergone internal EPA review and most have been used extensively in EPA assessments for over 10 years.  Some models have also been reviewed by some external experts.  EPA is in the process of pursuing official peer review for these methods and models.


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