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Download ChemSTEER Slide Show

Before you download the beta version of ChemSTEER, you may wish to consider viewing slide shows of an overview and a tutorial of this program.  The overview of ChemSTEER has been developed to give you a feel for what ChemSTEER looks like and how it is used.  The tutorial may be used to help a new user to begin to learn ChemSTEER by demonstrating an abbreviated assessment of a chemical.

To download and run a ChemSTEER Slide Show, follow the instructions below.

csoverview.ppt less than 1 MB 

cstutorial.ppt less than 5 MB 

Download And Install Instructions For ChemSTEER Overview Slide Shows

PLEASE NOTE: The ChemSTEER slide shows are Microsoft® PowerPoint® files. 
To view or print them you will need to have the Microsoft® PowerPoint®  Reader program (1997 PowerPoint®  Reader or later version) installed on your computer.  PowerPoint Viewer 2007 Click here to read the "Exit EPA Website" Disclaimer is available, free of charge, from Microsoft's website.  The software allows you to view and print PowerPoint®  (.ppt) files on all major computing systems.

To view the ChemSTEER slide shows on your system, complete the following instructions:

1. Download the ChemSTEER slide show file (csoverview.ppt or cstutorial.ppt) to any directory of your choice.
2. Open the program on your system that can be used to view a Microsoft® PowerPoint® file (e.g., locate and run the file ppview32.exe) and view csoverview.ppt or cstutorial.ppt using that program.

Note: In some software configurations, a normal click on those links initiates the slide show instead of initiating a download. Downloading the files from those links for these configurations require the following procedure:
1. Move the mouse pointer to the link for the file you wish to download.
2. Right click on the mouse.
3. Click on 'Save Target As'.
4. Choose the download location on your PC and complete the download.


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