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Q: How should I send comments to you about E-FAST? When do you expect to have your next version?

A: We are interested in your feedback from both a scientific and a computer user perspective. This version will be updated periodically. To further this process we encourage you to please send any comments to:

Conrad Flessner
1200 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W.
Washington, DC 20460
Mail Code: 7406M
Phone: (202) 564-8541
E-Mail: Conrad Flessner

Q: The Exposure Assessment Branch used to support several screening level, DOS-Based, exposure assessment tools. The list of tools included, SEAS, Facsearch (previously know as SIDS), PDM3, FLUSH, DERMAL, and SCIES. What happened to these tools?

A: All of these tools were updated into a Windows®-based format and integrated together to create the original E-FAST model. This means that instead of running the individual cluster of DOS-Based tools, a user now only needs to run the E-FAST model. This model upgrade and integration into a single Windows-based system is a major advance in data handling, user friendliness and efficiency.

Q: Where can I find information about how the model calculates concentration in the environment and exposures?

A: The E-FAST documentation manual is available on this web site; it is a PDF file linked from this page. This manual documents every concentration and exposure calculation in the model. Most of the documentation is also available through the model's Help system.

Q: Has the model been peer reviewed?

A: The consumer exposure module of E-FAST underwent an external peer review in 1998. The General Population Exposure, Down-the-Drain, and Probabilistic Dilution Model (PDM) modules were externally peer reviewed in 2001. Comments from both peer reviews have been addressed and incorporated into this version of E-FAST.


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