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Internet Geographical Exposure Modeling System/Chemical Safety Mapper (IGEMS/CSM)

What Does IGEMS Do?

IGEMS is a modernization of OPPT's older Graphical Exposure Modeling System and PCGEMS tools. IGEMS brings together in one system several EPA environmental fate and transport models and some of the environmental data needed to run them. IGEMS includes models and data for ambient air, surface water, soil, and ground water, and makes the models much easier to use than their stand-alone counterparts. IGEMS includes a new Geographical Information System (GIS) module- Chemical Safety Mapper (CSM) for displaying environmental modeling results and chemical monitoring informations on various GIS layers.

How Does IGEMS/CSM Work?

IGEMS will have interactive menus to guide the user in selecting models, selecting and organizing data to be used as input to model runs, executing model runs, and presenting model outputs. The menus will also provide user help. The system will be modular in design, so that EPA can easily add other models to the system in the future.

What Do I Need to Use IGEMS/CSM?

Several of the models in IGEMS require extensive input data. Where possible, IGEMS will include default data sets and will provide access to the required databases either within IGEMS or via EPA's Envirofacts Data Warehouse. The user will need to obtain some of the necessary input data, such as physical-chemical property data, from other sources.

How Are IGEMS/CSM Data Used?

Each model produces results files which the user can save and can use with statistical software applications or other database programs. The user can apply the IGEMS graphical and Geographical Information System capabilities to view the results as isopleths, vectors, etc., and as geographical presentations, including overlays with population, geographical location, concentration, etc. Risk assessors can use the potential dose rates estimated by IGEMS in assessing potential exposure and risk at a fairly detailed level.

What Type of Computer System Do I Need?

To run IGEMS successfully, we strongly recommend an Intel Pentium Four or above with a minimum of 1 Gig memory (RAM). Please close all other unnecessary programs to free up more memory for your PC. We also strongly recommend a fast Internet connection, such as a cable modem, DSL, or T1 line. You can use either MS Internet Explorer or Firefox with Java plug-in to run IGEMS.

What Is IGEMS/CSM Status and Availability?

IGEMS/CSM is currently being designed for the EPA Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics, Economics, Exposure, and Technology Division, Exposure Assessment Branch. IGEMS/CSM now is in commenting phase and we welcome you to participate in this phase; The url for IGEMS/CSM is:


To apply for an IGEMS account please go to the first page of IGEMS and click on the register menu and fill out the form. After you receive your IGEMS user ID and initial password, you will need to activate your account to test the system. You only need to apply one set of ID/password for all models. The current IGEMS/CSM include three models ( ISCST, AERMOD, and Formaldehyde Indoor Air Model -FIAM). The air model AERMOD in IGEMS/CSM is a light version of EPA AERMOD, more features will be added in the future.

What features are included in the CSM module?

CSM shows the integration of environmental models, databases and GIS applications over the web by utilizing the power of server-based GIS and J2EE based environmental modeling system. It advances modeling over the web so that a user can run the model repeatedly by alternating parameters. Furthermore, CSM takes a full advantage of ArcGIS Server 10 and publishes base data, EPA data and demographic data as services and overlays them with the model outputs. By collaboration with EPA's Office of Environmental Justice and Office of Environmental Information, CSM sends the model results via the web and calls the demographic analytical service that EPA's EJView offer so that a user can evaluate demographic exposure that a particular model run output may have. CSM shows great potential in hosting a legacy model in the cloud and integration with web-based GIS and displaying monitoring data.

What the future plan for IGEMS/CSM ?

Some models in old IGEMS will be migrated to the current IGEMS/CSM, including: Sesoil (soil model), AT123D (ground water model) and Reachscan (surface water model).

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Who Can I Call for More Information?

For more information about the model, contact:

Wen-Hsiung Lee
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
1200 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W. (Mail Code 7406M)
Washington, DC 20460
Phone: (202) 564-8544
E-mail: lee.wen-hsiung@epa.gov


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