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Higher Tier Tools

Higher Tier Tools are designed to be tailored to (e.g., simulate) the specific exposures and the specific environment in which exposures occur. These tools are commonly used in detailed risk assessments. When used appropriately, these models can provide comprehensive exposure estimates with a greater level of accuracy. The Higher Tier Tools include the Internet Geographical Exposure Modeling System (IGEMS), the Wall Paints Exposure Model (WPEM), the Multi-Chamber Concentration Exposure Model (MCCEM), and the ADL Polymer Migration Estimation Estimation Model. Higher Tier Tools have the following characteristics:

Provide Detailed Exposure Assessment

These tools are designed for tailored exposure assessment estimations. These tools are complex and are designed for use by individuals with a science, chemistry, engineering or related background.

Require Detailed Data Sources:

These models require detailed data to be entered into the programs. This often allows for more realistic exposure scenario development, however this also requires more user effort and data collection. In many cases, data sources accompany the tools for ease of use.

Be Used by Knowledgeable Scientists:

These tools are designed for individuals with solid technical knowledge and an understanding of exposure assessment concepts. The advantage of these products is that experienced exposure assessors can use them to develop the detailed and specific exposure assessment estimates.

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