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MCCEM Questions/Answers

Q: Where can I find information about how MCCEM calculates indoor air concentrations and exposures?

A: The model documentation is contained in the help screens within the model.

Q: Has MCCEM been peer reviewed?

A: An external (i.e., by scientists outside of EPA) peer review of MCCEM was conducted in 1998. Revisions to the model in response to the peer reviewers' comments was completed in April, 1999.

Q: Has MCCEM been evaluated to ensure that the model calculations are being done correctly?

A: Yes. See the model evaluation help screen in MCCEM.

Q: One of the required inputs to MCCEM is an emission rate. How can I obtain this input?

A: The emission rate of a chemical from an indoor source sometimes can be estimated (e.g. the rate at which a volatile chemical is released from an aerosol consumer product) or it can be measured using small or large testing chambers. The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) has published a standard guide for small chamber testing of organic emissions from indoor materials and products. (ASTM D 5116-90).


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