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Specialized Priority Setting Tools

The level of detail and accuracy of exposure/relative risk estimations must be considered when using tools developed for priority setting purposes. Typically, Priority Setting Tools rank concerns broadly and are not intended to provide detailed and accurate assessments. These tools are not appropriate for risk assessments purposes. Instead, these tools are designed to quickly prioritize concerns and are especially useful when trying to evaluate large numbers of chemicals or chemical products. The Source Ranking Database and the Use Cluster Scoring System are examples of a Priority Setting Tool. These tools have the following characteristics:

Broadly Rank/Score Concerns:

Priority Setting Tools are effective in comparing multiple chemicals on the basis of standardized criteria. These chemicals can be evaluated in a variety of different ways for different concerns.

Evaluate Large Numbers of Chemicals:

Priority Setting Tools enable one to rank and compare a large number of chemicals or products. For example, the Source Ranking Database contains information on potential indoor air exposure to over 12,000 chemical products which may be found in indoor air.


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