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Download SRD

Download And Install Instructions For SRD

The SRD installation program has been compressed into a single self-extracting executable file. To install SRD on your system, complete the following instructions:

1. Download the SRD self-extracting executable file (srdins.exe) to any directory of your choice.
2. Run srdins.exe. This process will self extract the needed setup files.
3. Run the file named "setup.exe" and follow the user prompts throughout the setup process.

SRD 12.16MB (July 21, 2004)

In the spring of 2003, OPPT reviewed all of its tools and models funding and decided to place the SRD into the category, 'Retain with no further investment'. Therefore, the reader is advised that this version of the Source Ranking Database is deemed to be the final and that updates to the SRD will not occur. If this policy changes, this web page will be revised to reflect current policy.


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