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What's New?

E-FAST 2014 Exposure, Fate Assessment Screening Tool  (E-FAST)

July 2012 Internet Geographical Modeling System/Chemical Safety Mapper (IGEMS/CSM)
Internet Gegraphical Modeling System/Chemical Safety Mapper (IGEMS/CSM)

January 2011 EPI SuiteTM Version 4.10
Estimation Programs Interface (EPI) Suite, Version 4.10

November 2010 Internet Geographical Modeling System (IGEMS) Beta
Internet Gegraphical Modeling System (IGEMS) Beta

April 2008 AMEM Version 1.0
ADL Polymer Migration Estimation Model Version 1.0

October 2007 E-FAST V2.0
Exposure and Fate Assessment Screening Tool

December 2003 Pesticide Inert Risk Assessment Tool, Beta Version
Pesticide Inert Risk Assessment Tool, Beta Version

November 2002 Internet GEMS Beta Test Version
Internet Geographical Exposure Modeling System (IGEMS) Beta Test Version

October 2002 OPPT's Exposure Assessment Guidance:
Guidelines for Statistical Analysis of Occupational Exposure Data
PDF (August, 1994)

October 2002 OPPT's Exposure Assessment Guidance:
Considerations When Evaluating Exposure Assessments
PDF(October, 2002)

October 2002 OPPT's Exposure Assessment Guidance:
Chemical Fate Half-Lives for Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) Chemicals
PDF (July, 1998)

October 2002 Other Publications:
Healthy Indoor Painting Practices
PDF (May, 2000)

October 2002 Other Publications:
Practicas saludables de pintura interior
PDF (May, 2000)

April 2001 WPEM Version 3.2
Wall Paint Exposure Assessment Model (WPEM), Version 3.2

February 2001 MCCEM Version 1.2
Multi-Chamber Concentration and Exposure Model (MCCEM), Version 1.2

December 2000 ChemSTEER Draft
Chemical Screening Tool for Exposure and Environmental Releases

November 30, 2000 E-FAST
E-FAST Computer-Based Training Introductory Course

October 2000 OPPT's Exposure Assessment Guidance:
Interim Guidance for Using Ready and Inherent Biodegradability Tests to Derive Input Data for Multimedia Models and Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWT) models

Recommendations for Estimating Transport Between Environmental Compartments (Fugacity) for Existing Chemicals, Including HPV Chemicals

Voluntary CMA/SOCMA/EPA Use and Exposure Information Project (UEIP)

March 2000 E-FAST Beta v 1.1
Exposure-Fate Assessment Screening Tool


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