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Textbook Authors

Course Coordinator: Dr. David T. Allen

Our Green Engineering Course Coordinator is Professor David Allen, the Henry Beckman Professor in Chemical Engineering at University of Texas - Austin. He is well known in both academia and industry for his work in pollution prevention and has developed and taught several college courses and industrial workshops.

In his role as Course Coordinator, Dr. Allen coordinated all aspects of the development of the GE textbook. He prepared the textbook based on his research and professional knowledge of chemical engineering principles as they relate to green process design and information provided by industry, other professors, and EPA.

Dr. Allen has also co-authored another textbook, "Pollution Prevention for Chemical Processes," first published in 1997 and already in its second printing.  He developed a course entitled "Design for the Environment" based on the textbook chapter outline. This course was offered for the first time in the Fall of 1998 at the University of Texas.

Contact Information:

David T. Allen
Department of Chemical Engineering
University of Texas - Austin
Campus Mail Code: C0400
Austin, TX 78712
(512) 471-0049 or (512) 475-7842 phone
(512) 471-7060 fax
allen@che.utexas.edu exit EPA disclaimer

Course Contributor: Dr. David Shonnard

Our Green Engineering Course Contributor is Dr. David Shonnard, Department of Chemical Engineering at Michigan Technological University. As the GE Course Contributor, he contributed and provided assistance in the development of the Green Engineering textbook. Dr. Shonnard worked with the Course Coordinator to integrate specialized chapters including, but not limited to, risk assessment and green process design.

Dr. Shonnard has extensive experience in environmental risk assessment, specializing in environmental fate and transport. He has also done extensive modeling, energy and mass integration, pinch analysis, and metrics for environmental/risk evaluation of process design. Dr. Shonnard's research and teaching interests are in the areas of subsurface bioremediation of soil and groundwater contamination and environmental fate, transport, and impacts of anthropogenic pollutants.

Dr. Shonnard has co-developed a new curricula in subsurface remediation with two other MTU faculty, including two multidisciplinary courses entitled "Fundamentals of Subsurface Remediation" and "Subsurface Remediation Laboratory" with funding from the NSF Combined Research/Curriculum Development program (award EEC-9420526).

In addition, he is developing process simulator enhancement software (Environmental Fate and Risk Assessment Tool) to quantify the environmental and human health relative risks of waste generation and release from chemical processes and their designs. This software is being developed and applied to chemical process designs for evaluating the environmental performance of pollution prevention options as part of a multi-faculty research effort at MTU.

Contact Information:

David R. Shonnard
Department of Chemical Engineering
Michigan Technological University
1400 Townsend Drive
Houghton, MI 49931-1295
(906) 487-3468 phone
(906) 487-3213 fax
drshonna@mtu.edu exit EPA disclaimer

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